Counting number of visitors by AI based surveillance cameras at Almatti Dam

AI and surveillance

After receiving substantial rainfall in its catchment areas, the Lal Bahadur Shastri reservoir, known as Almatti Dam, is currently experiencing abundant water. Additionally, the dam is now equipped with AI-powered CCTV cameras, enabling them to monitor the influx of visitors and capture the facial details of each person, even at night due to the significant number of visitors.

D Basavaraja, chief engineer-in-charge, Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam Limited, Dam Zone, Almatti, said that AI is being used for two weeks, and officials are experimenting with it to ensure dam premises safety and visitor security. He added, “Surveillance of the garden area involves 102 still cameras, three pans, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras, and two panoramic cameras with 360-degree views. With this, we can track human activities in the garden area. Head counting cameras are installed at the main entrance at the petrol pump area, Moghul Garden and Musical Fountain,”

He claimed that the AI usage is now in its experimental phase, but they have not found any black spots in the system. The CCTVs are expected to have a 10-year compatibility to install additional cameras and upgrade technology in future. He opined that using AI-based surveillance enables them to incorporate vehicle number plate identification systems and advanced ticket counters. He stated, “They will work even if the power supply is interrupted for 4-5 hours and give clear images even at night. These cameras will play a crucial role in preventing thefts.”

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