India’s top law officer bats for AI integration in legal sector, calls for nationwide expansion of hybrid hearings

AI integration in legal sector
AI in legal

Attorney General for India R Venkataramani feels that hybrid (virtual + physical) hearings should not just continue but also spread to all nooks and corners of the country, much beyond the Supreme Court and the High Courts. Stressing the need for more innovation and investment by the government in hybrid hearings, he said that such a move would bring in more social peace and solace.

Terming Artificial Intelligence (AI) as just another form of intelligence by human beings, he told that the legal fraternity is ready for the use of similar technologies provided the misconceptions surrounding them are dispelled. Adding that human beings can certainly handle technologies which they have created, he welcomed the entry of foreign law firms in India.

He noted that while India will benefit from the entry of foreign law firms, foreign nations also stand to benefit from the experience and expertise of Indian law firms. He described the competition between Indian and foreign law firms as a “little battle” to begin with, which he feels will eventually settle on equal terms on both sides.

Pitching for gender progress across all sectors including the law fraternity, he pointed out that the entire landscape needs to necessarily change to ensure equality of participation. Stating that any such change has to be triggered by education, employment, political process and global motion, he added that such developments will cease any discussions about the reservation for women after some time.

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