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‘India will become AI -Powered manufacturing hub’

AI Powered manufacturing
AI Powered manufacturing

The Co-Convenor of the G20 Health, Pharma, and Tech Summit Series, Gedela Srinubabu, emphasized the growing demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals and ethicists. He envisions India as a global AI-powered manufacturing hub, propelling the nation to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2026.

While interacting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Hyderabad, he said the integration of artificial intelligence into the Make in India initiative was termed as a game-changer in the manufacturing sector.

The meeting with PM Modi provided an ideal platform for Srinubabu to express his profound appreciation and support for the India Business Promotion Scheme (IBPS) under the Digital India initiative.

He highlighted the importance of investing in training and projected a need for seven million Artificial Intelligence engineers and data scientists to unlock a global opportunity worth Rs. 15 trillion dollars. The IBPS is rooted in its capacity to drive rural employment, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, with a focus on empowering women. This reflects the essence of India’s rich culture, emphasizing the significance of retaining the working population in small towns and villages.

“By nurturing a workforce that remains close to their roots rather than migrating to bustling metropolises, we can ensure that our children grow up imbibing the wisdom of their grandparents from an early age,” he said. Pulsus Group has played a pivotal role in generating a remarkable 25,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Srinubabu, the CEO of Pulsus Company, emphasized the vital significance of translating essential information in the fields of agriculture and healthcare into local languages. This transformative initiative has the potential to enhance access to critical knowledge in rural areas, significantly impacting the well-being of Indian citizens.

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