Google AI Lab in Bengaluru developing a multilingual AI model

Google AI Lab in Bengaluru is currently developing an AI model to support over 100 Indian languages


According to Business Today, Google Research India Director Manish Gupta said in a session at the BT Tech Today Congress that the Google AI Lab in Bangalore now has a multilingual AI that translates and stores nearly 100 Indian languages into other languages. You mentioned that you are developing a model. Google products such as the generative AI tool Bard.

“Our team has led the creation of multilingual models. First, we released models for 16 Indian languages, which will be used in Google Assistant products and made available to researchers and practitioners. We are currently working on a model that supports over 100 Indian languages. Some of these models are starting to make their way into some of Google’s products, not just existing products like the Assistant, but also upcoming products like the Bard. We have worked closely with these teams to improve our ability to understand and respond to Indian languages,” Gupta added.

Google announced an AI lab in Bengaluru as part of the 5th Google for India event. The company announced that the institute will have a dual focus, aiming to advance fundamental computer science and AI research through team building and partnerships. The lab also plans to apply this research to address key challenges in key areas such as medicine, agriculture, and education, thereby improving the functionality of widely used apps and services. He further explained: “Our lab is relatively young. We started less than four years ago, and the whole team was built from the ground up, placing great emphasis on applying it to solving big problems, especially those inspired by the Indian context.”

Gupta said the team is working to democratise access to information by developing various multilingual models. These models can comprehensively support multiple languages within a single system. He also revealed that the team has already selected audio samples from 773 districts across India in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science.

Gupta believes AI has great potential to benefit humanity. So from the beginning, he has focused on developing AI to benefit the underprivileged. He also argued that AI laboratories have had a significant impact on improving the health of pregnant women and babies. 

All in all, it’s a long way to go for AI but Google is betting big on it and we are sure we’ll see results in this area sooner rather than later.

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