The Impact of IoT on Supply Chain Management

IoT's game-changing role in supply chain management is revolutionizing logistics

Supply Chain Management

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a game-changer in various industries, including supply chain management. This technological innovation has had a profound impact on businesses by connecting physical objects and devices to the Internet. In this blog post, we will explore how IoT is transforming supply chain management, emphasizing its benefits and showcasing Indian startups that have made significant contributions in this domain.

IoT has brought unprecedented visibility and real-time tracking capabilities to supply chain management. Traditional systems often suffer from limited visibility, leading to delays, inventory shortages, and increased costs.

Startups in the domain:

IoT technologies have revolutionized inventory management by offering real-time insights into stock levels, utilization rates, and demand patterns. Manual data entry and periodic stock checks are no longer sufficient. Indian startups are transforming inventory management with their IoT-based solutions.

Roambee provides IoT-enabled sensors that automate the monitoring of inventory levels. Their sensors trigger alerts when stocks run low or reach predetermined thresholds, helping businesses optimize stock levels, streamline replenishment processes, and reduce costs.

Infilect leverages IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer a comprehensive retail analytics platform. By analyzing real-time data from IoT sensors, Infilect enables businesses to accurately forecast demand, optimize stock levels, and enhance overall inventory management.

LogiNext offers IoT-powered route optimization and tracking solutions. Their platform utilizes real-time data from connected vehicles to minimize fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and improve fleet management.

Intugine Technologies focuses on IoT-based tracking and analytics solutions for warehouses and transportation. T

Tagbox offers IoT-enabled sensors and a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to track and monitor their inventory throughout the supply chain.

Entrib focuses on providing real-time visibility into goods movement through their IoT-based solution. Their sensors integrated with vehicles and warehouses enable businesses to monitor the movement and storage conditions of goods. B


While IoT brings numerous benefits to supply chain management, still certain challenges need to be addressed. Data security, privacy concerns, interoperability of IoT devices and platforms, and the need for robust analytics capabilities are some key considerations. Indian startups are actively working on these challenges by implementing stringent security measures and developing scalable and interoperable IoT solutions.

IoT has revolutionized supply chain management by providing enhanced visibility, optimized inventory management, and efficient logistics. Indian startups like Tagbox, Entrib, Roambee, Infilect, LogiNext, and Intugine Technologies are leading the way in leveraging IoT to transform the supply chain landscape. With their innovative solutions, these startups are addressing challenges and driving efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in supply chain operations.

As IoT continues to advance, its role in supply chain management will become even more crucial, making it a transformative force for businesses across India and the globe.

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